Hesams Global
Management Limited

Hesams Global Management Limited was registered on 4th May 2021 under the companies act 2015. The Company was founded with an objective of enhancing systems in Kenya, Africa and beyond. We are experts in conformity assessments, training and consultancy, we are based in Kenya and work
across Africa in partnership with highly experienced local and international consultants. We partner with you to enhance systems through a process risk based approach.

What makes us
the best

Training does not only serve as a necessity in increasing the productivity of individuals but also as a weapon for each individual to understand their dormant potential. Trainers and speakers use their skills in delivering the maximum benefits to individuals and emerge as better persons using Training and Consultancy as their preferred platform.


About Hesams Global

Our Vision
To be a global leader in provision of quality training and consultancy services

Our Mission
To provide solutions to organization’s systems with the aim of enhancing efficiency and productivity

Our Core Values
Integrity | Professionalism | Customer Focus | Excellence | Teamwork

  • Who We Are

    Hesams Global Management Limited believes in entrenching a culture of quality to all her clients in improvement of efficiency through risk based approach.

  • Why Choose Us

    We will be there to listen to you, offer guidance, and build a strong relationship in developing and improving your Managements systems, we will be available to offer quality service within the agreed timelines.

  • Statutory Safety and Health and Fire safety audits

    We conduct both safety and health and Fire safety audits in your organization in compliance with the law. This is done by our licensed occupational safety and Health advisors and Fire auditors registered
    by the Directorate of occupational safety and health.

Our Services

We provide both learning as well as experience that individuals and organizations favor for their personal interest, development and fulfillment. In each and every ladder of life, individuals need to be educated to perform effectively.

  • Training Services

    Training Services

    We offer training services in the following areas.. VIEW MORE
  • Consultancy Services

    Consultancy Services

    We offer consultancy services in the following areas: VIEW MORE
  • Statutory Safety & Health and Fire Safety Audits

    Statutory Safety & Health and Fire Safety Audits

    We conduct both safety and health and Fire safety audits in your organization in compliance with the law. VIEW MORE

    How We
    Can Help You?

    We will be delighted to answers your questions anytime!